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Close-up shot of man with big smile holding mouth guard or orthodontic retainers in dental office

Teeth That Go Bump in the Night

There are two types of patients that grind and/or clench.  Those with no pain but have been told by their dentist or a significant other that they grind their teeth;…


Flossing: The Ancient Ruse?

For ages, flossing has always been preached as the savior of tooth decay.  Growing up with a dental hygienist mother, I endured the embarrassment of being sent to school with…


First Trip to the Dentist for Children

I often see children in my practice whose first trip to the dentist is for pain or for the doctor to confirm the parent’s suspected fear that their child has…


Why Are Some of My Teeth Sensitive?

Teeth can be sensitive for many different reasons and the best solution is to schedule an appointment to get it checked out.  Some of them are: Cavities:  Patients may notice…